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Not The Worst It Gets

by Wax Mannequin



...electronically processed vocals in a sparse pool of echoing pianos and subaquatic beats. While closing the album with a message of hope, it maintains the melancholy realism at the heart of his lyrics. “For me, the end of a depressive cycle is tranquillity,” he says. “Ideas that were incredibly burdensome become objects you can set down and consider before they pass.” .

- Jesse Locke


This is not the worst it gets
Yukon sun rose up a bit
On an icy copper track
It already seems about to set
But at least you got a look
Just hang on that
I'd hang on that

Not the worst it gets
Did not mean to turn my back
This is not the worst it gets
Scrambled up an icy track
Determined to be fine
Never noticed there were other ones
Wouldn't make it back time
They'll be alright
Maybe alright

This is not the worst it gets
Fold you palms into a map
Not the worst it gets
Found the key beneith the mat
Same old house strewn with trash
The power's out; the wood is ash
You can pass out on my couch

This is not the worst it gets
Blocked the door Secured the latch
Not the worst it gets
You can hear the howls and fingers scratch
When a morning comes at last
The quiet's louder than the crash
You can ring it in your mind
Or let it die
Just let it die

This is not the worst it gets
Follow where your money went
Not the worst it gets
Buried deep or gone and spent
Down the guilty days in bed
Down the pills and all that cognac
All that borrowed stuff you wrecked
You'll give it back
I'd give it back

This is not the worst it gets
Quietly you've been calling it
Not the worst it gets
Cellar safe room lights a crack
Cause you've done half of the work
And the witching hours are getting short
Maybe you will forget
You're not alright
I wouldn't be

This is not the worst it gets
An understated jubilance
Not the worst it gets
A long forgiven moral debt
A white moon circles round
An implied or an imagined sound
Echoes every form
Notice this
Notice this


released January 27, 2023
Recorded by Corwin Fox at Hidden Well
Written by Chris Adeney
Vocals: WM
Additional Vocals: Eiyn Sof
Styling: Edwin David Burnett
Keys: James Chapple
Synth: Eiyn Sof
Pedal Steel: Aaron Goldstein
Additional Recording: David Copper at Copper Sound


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Wax Mannequin Hamilton, Ontario

Adeney's music veers from scrappy prog oddness and distressed folk to absurdist stadium metal, all with a dark humour that borders on outright Dadaism.
Beneath the unsettling imagery and musical left turns there is a steady questioning of life’s inherent strangeness and his own neuro-divergent experience.
He has appeared on thousands of pub, gallery and festival stages worldwide.
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